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What Is Rhinoplasty?

Dr. John Diaz Breast Rhinoplasty Specialist

A rhinoplasty is one of the most intricate cosmetic procedures in plastic surgery. The mastery of rhinoplasty takes great skill and expertise. It involves reshaping a complicated 3 dimensional structure where changes in one part greatly affect the appearance of all the parts. 


The goal in rhinoplasty is to create a beautiful and natural result which will restore balance and harmony of the face. It can be one of the most life changing and satisfying procedures a person can ever have. 


In this website, Dr. Diaz reviews every aspect of rhinoplasty, from the anatomy of the nose, to the recovery after surgery. There is an abundance of text, diagrams, vidoes and photographs to learn from. 


Dr. John Diaz Breast Rhinoplasty Specialist
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