In some patients, it is necessary to reduce the width of the nostrils in order to provide the most beautiful result. Ideally, the width of the nostrils should not be greater than the distance between the inside of the eyes. This is called the "inter-canthal distance." You can measure it by dropping an imaginary line from the inside point of each eye. Each nostril should be just inside this line. 


When the nostrils exceed this width, surgical reduction of the nostril width is indicated. This is best accomplished through an "alar base/ wedge resection." In this technique, a small wedge of nostril tissue is removed from each side of the nostril. The scar is designed to fall in the crease formed where the nostril meets the cheek skin. When designed and performed properly, the scar is almost invisible.

The nostrils should not be wider than the width between the inner point of the eye. 

The nostrils are reduced using an alar base/ wedge resection. This is a view of the nose from the bottom. The red areas are the areas of the nostril which are removed.